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Team Jelly Baby

We're taking part in an event on the RUNR virtual run platform.

We'd love you to join our team and get involved in motivating, encouraging and supporting each other.

Let's run!

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Community Stats

Individual entrants
# Name Total
1 Mark Gill 759.9 miles
2 Melissa Farnworth 514.63 miles
3 Louise Delves 266.77 miles
4 Wendy Everingham 249.07 miles
5 Sandra Looker 240.39 miles
6 Helen Godber 234.67 miles
7 Tania Bennett 226.35 miles
8 Sarah Williams 212.57 miles
9 Gaynor Wilson 188.44 miles
10 Vicky McCreadie 187.13 miles
11 Sharon Mccauley 186.08 miles
12 Kerri Clark 180.33 miles
13 Adrian Farnworth 160.24 miles
14 Claire Foster 147.73 miles
15 Anna Walsh 131.5 miles
16 Emily Mickleburgh 118.26 miles
17 Gemma Bellwood 102.8 miles
18 Sarah Kelly 78.7 miles
19 Alison Gill 67.84 miles
20 Claire Hancock 45.4 miles
21 Tania Bennett 12.27 miles
Individual entrants
# Name Donation total
Individual entrants
# Name Donations

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