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Jennifer Mearns

Jennifer Mearns just ran 6.3 miles.

Hannah Callum

Hannah Callum just ran 5.25 miles.

Clare Cooper

Clare Cooper just ran 3.12 miles.

Craig Williams

Craig Williams just ran 2.5 miles.

Gary Fairhurst

Gary Fairhurst just ran 3.07 miles.

Samantha Custis

Samantha Custis just ran 3.25 miles.

james rainbow

james rainbow just ran 3.76 miles.

Stuart Milton

Stuart Milton just ran 5.11 miles.

Sarah Oconnor

Sarah Oconnor just ran 7.01 miles.

Jones Julie

Jones Julie just ran 5.09 miles.

Paul Spink

Paul Spink just ran 0.28 miles.

David Feasey

David Feasey just ran 3.01 miles.

Paul Spink

Paul Spink just ran 3.75 miles.

Clare Beeston

Clare Beeston just ran 0.76 miles.

Clare Beeston

Clare Beeston just ran 1.54 miles.

Sue Mutters

Sue Mutters just ran 4.17 miles.

Mark Gill

Mark Gill just ran 5.11 miles.

Louise Bennett

Louise Bennett just ran 1.14 miles.

Sara Townley

Sara Townley just ran 0.8 miles.

Tasmyn Simpkins

Tasmyn Simpkins just ran 1.4 miles.

Claire Vallance

Claire Vallance just ran 1.61 miles.

Tammy Archer

Tammy Archer just ran 1.13 miles.

Ami Swanborough

Ami Swanborough just ran 3.11 miles.

David Mutters

David Mutters just ran 4.19 miles.

Elizabeth Whitehead

Elizabeth Whitehead just ran 5.97 miles.

Caroline Sims

Caroline Sims just ran 3.8 miles.

Shelby Young

Shelby Young just ran 5.74 miles.

Kirsten Emson

Kirsten Emson just ran 0.72 miles.

Jodi Wilson

Jodi Wilson just ran 0.79 miles.

Jenny Ward

Jenny Ward just ran 0.42 miles.

Nicky Meyer

Nicky Meyer just ran 3.12 miles.

John Craig

John Craig just ran 2.58 miles.

Jenny Ward

Jenny Ward just ran 6.5 miles.

Catherine Cochrane

Catherine Cochrane just ran 0.59 miles.

Catherine Cochrane

Catherine Cochrane just ran 1.05 miles.

Ellie Taylor

Ellie Taylor just ran 1.09 miles.

Sandra Haynes

Sandra Haynes just ran 1.89 miles.

Ben Banks

Ben Banks just ran 2.64 miles.

Camille Lobjoit

Camille Lobjoit just ran 1.08 miles.

Helena Jidborg Alexander

Helena Jidborg Alexander just ran 3.11 miles.

S Leadbetter

S Leadbetter just ran 2.61 miles.

Caroline Crollick

Caroline Crollick just ran 0.1 miles.

Kat Chapman

Kat Chapman just ran 2.33 miles.

Belinda Hankin

Belinda Hankin just ran 7.61 miles.

Georgia Humphrey

Georgia Humphrey just ran 1.88 miles.

Victoria Bailey

Victoria Bailey just ran 0.83 miles.

Victoria Bailey

Victoria Bailey just ran 1.75 miles.

Victoria Bailey

Victoria Bailey just ran 1.8 miles.

Charlotte Slattery

Charlotte Slattery just ran 3.21 miles.

Zoe Lennon

Zoe Lennon just ran 1.6 miles.

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Runuary 2022

  • Start date  01/01/2022
  • End date  31/01/2022
  • Entry closing date  19/01/2022
  • Current Entries  551
  • Total distance covered  16429.47 miles
  • Charity  Eden Reforestation Projects
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